Single vs. Committed Relationships: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


Some say relationships are not made to be difficult. Relationships are only supposed to be a source of happiness for both individuals involved. But let’s face it, not everyday is Christmas.Whether you’re in a committed relationship or you’re single and dating, there are certain times where you have to question the true aspects of a relationship.

I also believe that if circumstances are proving to be more stressful than joyous, then it may be time to take a step back, reevaluate, and move on if necessary. However, it seems couples are more likely to stick it out and work through their issues rather than call it quits. But is that a sign that you’re truly in love with this person, or you’d rather not deal with the hassle of dating because you’ve gotten comfortable with your partner?


Most single people that I know say they enjoy the dating life for only a short period of time. It is great to get time to put yourself and your needs first for a change, and its even more wonderful to get the opportunity to meet new people with the possibility of falling in love again. But after a while, it seems to get old and somewhat frustrating. Having dates that constantly end badly or falling for a person that sees you as just a booty-call can be a major blow to a person’s confidence. You slowly begin to look at your experiences as loneliness, losing the liberating feeling that was first present post break-up.

For those who are in relationships, life can be just as challenging. For instance, people who have been in a relationship for several years have already grown accustomed to their partners’ habits. They are able to tell what will make the other person upset, happy, or even insecure. That being said, you would think at some point the relationship would get easier. Well, not necessarily. Although you may know these traits in your partner, people are constantly changing as life progresses and new experiences are made. These changes are what will either make a relationship stronger, or weaken it for the worse.

Not everyone is accepting of change. Some men and women feel that the changes their partner have made were for the worst because they are no longer the same person they fell in love with. But no matter the reason for tension in a relationship, many people decide to continue, despite the lack of communication that may be plaguing the relationship. Complacency, uncertainty, and fear are three major reasons for this decision.

relationship e-card

In the end, we are all looking for the same things out of a relationship; love, trust, and companionship. These things may get tainted along the way, but as long as couples work consistently to fix the problem, it will all be worth it. As for being single, I’d say to enjoy every encounter that comes along, whether it be good or bad. It truly is a blessing to find someone that you can connect with, but that wont be successful unless you find the time to connect with yourself first.


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