New Year, New Opportunities:One Month Down, Eleven More To Go

2014 (1)

Let’s face it, absolutely everyone breaks their new years resolution. Whether it be a month later or even three days after the ball drops, somewhere down the line, we’ve all given up on the things we set out to accomplish in the new year. But what if, for a change, we all decided to stick to our guns and achieve those goals we felt were necessary to make in the first place. Now it doesn’t have to be as exciting as taking a trip to an unknown place. It can be as simple as adding an extra hundred from your paycheck to your savings account for that car you always wanted.

As we get closer to the end of January, it seems all hope may be lost for those of us that still haven’t worked toward our resolutions. But alas! We still have eleven months to make that transformation! And what better time to start than right at this very moment?

Here are 9 things that were on my resolution list to change for 2014 that may even apply to you:


  1. Be Bold – Do things for yourself without feeling the need for others to like it.
  2. Complete Projects – Finish all things you’ve set out to start, especially those that do not include deadlines (i.e. blog posts, short stories, poems)
  3. Publish Something – It may sound a bit far fetched, but it is possible that someone else may like your quirky writing. Get something published and get your name out there.
  4. Blog More! – For most, this may seem trivial, but blogging takes hard work and commitment. Try your best to keep at it! It’ll all get easier.
  5. Keep in contact with those that wish you well – Always surround yourself with positive people that friendshiplove and support you. They will be your rock and you’ll be theirs through tough times.
  6. Be positive and humble, especially when things are not going as expected – God  won’t push you unless He knows you can handle it. Whatever it is, it’ll only make you stronger.
  7. Share more – be more open about life and your experiences, you never know who may be watching….
  8. Continue to love deeply – Because that is how you are loved.
  9. Gain more confidence and be consistent – You won’t get anywhere in life wishing for things to happen. Get up and take what you want, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Now not all of these things may apply to you, but I sure hope these nine things will inspire you to not only have an incredible year, but to change your life for the better as well.

Until next time…


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