Knowing When to Acknowledge a Problem & Fix it

I have to admit to myself when I’ve been bad. I’ve truly been extremely bad for the past six to eight months. Most likely a lot longer than that, but I can’t be too sure. As a person who would like to become the future editor of a beautiful, fashion magazine (preferably Teen Vogue or Elle) I have not been putting in the work to bring this dream to fruition.


The worst part about this is that I know the process of how I could shape my future for me to realize my dream. It is all very basic, really. First, you have to develop an extensive social media presence. Being that the market for print journalism has shifted towards a more social setting, it is important for future writers to understand the significance of this change. Social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram are what help drive advertising. And we all know, advertising helps support print journalism. We are completely enveloped by the digital age, and if projections are correct, it will be around for a long time. The problem with this first task, is I do not have an extensive social media presence. As a twenty-four year old, I find it difficult to fit in with my generation. I’m terrible with Facebook, especially now that it has gotten a lot more complicated than when I first joined in high school. I barely post pictures on Instagram; the last post that I have is pushing three weeks. This is disturbing to many of my friends who post pictures of every meal they’ve had for the day and who have a following of  800. Embarrassingly enough, I have no clue how to use Twitter, nor do I have a clue what SnapChat is. My social media presence is pretty pathetic at best.

The second skill that I would have to exemplify in order for me to reach my goal is to have a blog of some sort, preferably geared towards fashion or beauty. I’d like to point out that I have tried blogging, I truly have. I’ve created a blog on WordPress as well as Weebly. Something that I did not know going into creating a blog was how much work it is. It is literally a full-time job. Not only is it a full-time job, but it also coincides with step one of this process. Your social media presence has to be large enough to have a successful amount of followers who would be interested in reading your blog. You also have to have entertaining content to share on a consistent basis. The irony in this is how simple this all sounds, but it truly is a lot more difficult than it seems.

The last step, which may be optional but entirely necessary in this process, is landing an internship at a magazine, publishing house, or boutique site that fits your area of interest. This truly should be the simplest step in this process, however, living in NYC on my own and having to work full-time does not leave much room for a part-time, unpaid internship. Rent and bills have to be paid and food has to be bought. Many young people living on their own do not have the luxury of taking an unpaid internship, although we would love the opportunity to take part in learning the ins and outs of these establishments. If I were able to sacrifice by stability of having a home for an internship at Elle or Time Magazine, I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, life just isn’t that black and white.


What I am beginning to learn is that there is no clear cut method to achieving a goal. In my over analytical, perfectionist mind, I find that every task includes a step by step process in getting things done. However, I also believe that maybe, if I even attempt to try at some of the things that I’ve listed things may not work out the way I would hope. These things might lead to something better or worse for my future. What I do know is that becoming a writer means you have to write. Everything else is just trivial.


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