July 4th Weekend! Appreciating Our Nation’s Independence While Visiting Works of Art

Last weekend was the Fourth of July, the day in which our nation was liberated from British rule. As a result, most companies, mine included, blessed their employees by giving them the Friday off, in lieu of the holiday falling on Saturday. I don’t know about you, but knowing that you have an extra day, not just to celebrate the holiday, but to avoid that pile of work that has been sitting on the corner of your desk for the past few weeks, can put you in the happiest of moods. Did anyone else have this same feeling of jubilation?

Brooklyn Museum

Of course, plans were made to fill every one of the three days with fun activities to take our minds of the impending doom that is Monday. Friday, my mother and I decided to take a trip to the Brooklyn Museum. It was a first for the both of us, which is ironic because we’ve been residents of Brooklyn my entire life. Needless to say, the excitement was real; mom was excited to see the Contemporary Art exhibit and I was thrilled to see Jean Michel Basquiat’s exhibit, which is now available until August 23rd.

IMG_0385 IMG_0387

We started out early, taking our time in each exhibit and taking enough pictures to last a lifetime. I expected there to be a large amount of people, being that it was a holiday weekend. Luckily that wasn’t the case. Summer holidays in New York means the city will be desolate, and we were able to enjoy the museum without having to crowds of people fighting to see each exhibit. I almost felt like Beyonce and Jay Z during their visit to the Louvre! V.I.P access!!


We ended the day off by visiting one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood, Cheryl’s Global Soul.  I’ll be posting more about this hidden gem in the near future.

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend! Now its time to get back to this growing pile on my desk. Until next time!


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