Pleasantly Surprised by the Color Spectrum in Foundation Shades, MAC Cosmetics

With my vacation drawing near, I thought it would be proactive to go out and purchase a darker shade of foundation and powder, knowing full well that I tan by simply standing in the shade. After looking back at last year’s pictures of my trip to Jamaica, it’s safe to say I didn’t go dark enough. (Let’s just say I looked like a ghost in the face, while the rest of my body was beautifully bronzed.)


To be fair, my trip is three weeks away, but I was paid yesterday and figured why not, knowing full well I was using this trip as an excuse to purchase more makeup. I’m honest enough to admit that I have a problem. I decided to walk over to a MAC store close to my job. I wasn’t truly expecting to find something that would work for my complex shade. I’m one of those people who can never find the perfect shade to match their complexion. I face an even bigger problem with having to rotate shades every season, from being fairly light in the winter and spring to being golden bronze in the summer. It’s safe to say I have acquired a large collection of foundation and powders over the years. That being said, a trip to buy makeup turns into a complete affair of finding which best matches my skin. Today, however, I did not have that problem.

For the past few years, MAC has created a broad range of shades for foundations, powders, and concealors. I know I’m definitely late to the game of identifying the difference between NC and NW. NC shades (naturally cool, if I’m not mistaken) work best for cooler complexions, whereas NW (naturally warm), work best for warmer shades. Being that I have more yellow undertones than I do red,  I found my shade in a matter of minutes. I’ve tried other brands such as Clinique, Bobbi Brown, and Landcome and I have to say, MAC takes the cake.

From Left to Right: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder, MAC Eyebrow Pencil, MAC Pro Longwear Concealor, MAC Studio Fix Foundation

I was so excited about finding the perfect shade that I completely forgot my whole purpose of going to MAC was to buy a darker shade foundation. Thankfully, the makeup artist  that assisted me advised me to purchase a darker powder instead, rather than being stuck with a darker foundation when my skin does return to its natural coloring. Such great advice! You learn something new everyday. Besides, I needed a new foundation.


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