DIY Waxing with Bliss Poetic Waxing


Administering wax to my bikini area is an experience that I will most likely never forget. In the product’s defense, I had no business doing this to myself and probably should have just made my usual appointment. However, in an effort to cut back on spending, I decided to treat myself to an “at home waxing kit”. What I gained from this experience is that some things should just be left to the professionals.

Now, those of us who have waxed their bikini area know that this is no easy task and is not for the faint of heart. The beauty of having it professionally done is knowing that, for the most part, you should be in and out of that spa within fifteen minutes of removing your underwear. The faster your session, the closer you are to the relief of pain and the beauty of your nether regions. Being the spontaneous and slightly irrational person that I am, I decided that a good way to save money would be to get my own kit. So, I did some research.

I was originally going to purchase a box of Veet Wax Strips from my neighborhood Target. Although the reviews of this product were mostly positive, I mostly wanted the experience to feel as close to my spa sessions as possible. I somehow managed to believe that if the process is not done the same, the results would not be the same. That, sadly, was not the case.


The kit came with a wax cup, three small and three large applicators, a cleansing lotion to clean the area in which you will be waxing, and a soothing oil for both before and after you’ve waxed. Bliss also included complimentary hair bump preventative pads that you use in the days that follow. The instructions were very clear and thoroughly explained each area that a person could possibly wax. Unfortunately, the kit did not include waxing paper, which I believe added to my dilemma. In it’s place, I used industrialized napkins that I took from work that morning. Being the nifty creative person I am, I cut the napkins in small squares for smaller regions and rectangles for the broader areas. Fully confident in myself, I followed the steps of warming the wax in my microwave in 30 second intervals and mixing it until it reaches a honey like consistency.  After testing the temperature on the inside of my wrist, I applied the wax and continued to place a square of the napkin on top. Unfortunately, I spent most of my time ripping off the napkin by itself, leaving the hardened wax on my skin. I will spare the details of the pain I endured in removing the wax.

Suffice it say, at home waxing is not a relaxing experience, nor is it something I recommend to someone waxing their bikini area. The kit, however, was well packaged and gave wonderful directions that an impatient person, such as myself, a perfect breakdown of the process for each area. I think I’ll stick making appointments from now on.


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