The Best Chicken & Waffles in NYC

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying what’s left of the weekend!

I have to admit that I’ve grown a slight obsession with chicken and waffles these past few months. This is partly to blame to a restaurant that I’ve been introduced to and haven’t stopped dining in since. This exceptional restaurant is none other than Sweet Chick.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Specializing in homestyle chicken and waffles, Sweet Chick offers a variety of options from vegetarian, to classic. The waffles are to die for; light and fluffy with a touch of buttery goodness, while the fried chicken is very well seasoned and tender. Not to sound like a Yelp review, but you honestly cannot go wrong with this restaurant. Located in both Williamsburg and the Lower East Side, this restaurant is a staple to the cool kids of New York. Come here to pre-game and listen to classic hip hop while catching up with old friends or even an intimate dinner. The chill vibe will put everyone at ease while sipping the restaurant’s  wide array of cocktails. Did I mention Nas is also co-owner of this small chain? What other reason do you need to give this place a try?


I personally can’t wait to be back next weekend to feed my cravings. Until next time!

*Disclaimer Alert: This post was not done for advertising purposes. This, like many of the things that I post, is a place that I visit often and would love to share to those who live in the NYC area or are visiting and would like to find great places to try.


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