Scandal Winter Finale Review

Happy Friday!

Now, I’ve never given reviews on shows that I’ve become obsessed with, but after watching last night’s episode of Scandal, I felt I had to touch on one thing that most other recaps that I’ve read so far have missed completely.

Spoiler Alert: Stop reading if you haven’t yet seen the episode.

During Olivia and Fitz’s argument in his bedroom, there were several moments of revelation that occurred. One that struck me the most was Fitz realizing that the best part of their relationship for Olivia was when he was still in a committed relationship with Melly. The look on Olivia’s face was not one of denial, but one of guilt. You know, the look you had on your face as a kid when you’re caught with your hand in the cookie jar? At least she admitted to not knowing the “husband” side of Fitz and actually preferring the “booty-call” version that wasn’t so…available.

There were several signs throughout the episode that seemed to be foreshadowing the end of #Olitz. At the beginning of the episode, we saw Olivia in Madam President mode, hosting dinners, choosing floral arrangements, and even gracing the covers of magazines as the perfect housewife. I could feel her getting ready to lace up those sneakers when the Senator’s wife asked her for the snickerdoodle recipe.

What made her decision to leave even more final was witnessing Melly take charge in stopping the bill that would eventually take funding away from Planned Parenthood. Her 16 hour filibuster proved that not only should she be taken seriously as a Senator, but that she can stand on her own without her husband. Melly knew better than anyone the sacrifice it takes being the President’s wife and Olivia was beginning to realize the many sacrifices she would have to continue to make as their relationship progressed.

Olivia’s decision was finally made when she decided to have an abortion, rather than attend yet another holiday dinner in support of Fitz. Watching this scene, I struggled with her reasoning for not letting him know her plans. After their fight scene, however, I realized that if she mentioned her plans, he would have found a way to stop her, causing her to feel even more trapped in their relationship. Being that I was never truly a fan of Olivia and Fitz, I can’t honestly say that I’m heartbroken over this. What I can say is that I’m truly excited to see the woman Olivia can be without a man who holds her back from her true potential. That new couch was a sign that my wish is about to be granted!

Other Strange Plot Twists in the Episode:

Huck and Papa Pope: So…Huck did all this to prove he can control his addiction? That’s good and all, but this was the wrong person to NOT kill.

Jake Killing Man Candy: Hey Jake, I love you and all, but killing Russell just further lets me know that I do not understand your character, or your motives. Shonda, please explain!

Susan & David Sitting in the Tree: When is David going to wake up and smell the coffee that Susan is falling for him? When is he also going to realize his worth and stop pining after the wrong women? Stay woke David!

What are some tips that you use to sate your Scandal cravings when the show is off the air, because I’m slowly losing it over here. Leave your comments below!

Until next time…






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